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The TACTOP Plate Carrier is a popular choice among law enforcement and special forces personnel. It features multiple attachment points and is compatible with most vehicular mounted devices. The modular design of this carrier allows the user to change accessories and devices easily, which is ideal for personnel who need to use a variety of different modular items. In addition to its convenience, this plate carrier also offers a variety of color options, including black, gray, and orange.

Tactical plate carriers are made from a high-performance, high-hardness soft armor material. They are lightweight, flexible, and durable and are ideally suited for quick deployment and rapid action. Developed for the US military during the post-war era, the poly-leather body armor has since made its way into civilian life. The tactop plate carrier is an excellent option for a range of applications, including personal defense, close quarter battle, and counterinsurgency operations.

The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER combines function and protection. This vest offers easy adjustment so that the user can adjust the fit of their plates. Its PALS webbed pockets provide ample storage for various accessories, including spare batteries. And, it is lightweight and can be easily packed away in a backpack or modular assault pack. If you’re looking for a tactop plate carrier for your upcoming combat mission, make sure to shop around and compare a few products.