Dominik Art Projects Foundation


The goal of Foundation is to take actions for the development and promotion
of contemporary art.

1. Initiating, supporting and coordinating research from the field of contemporary art, as well as promulgating and promoting culture and cultural legacy.
2. Promotion and popularization of contemporary art.
3. Creating the interdisciplinary collections of contemporary art.
4. Organizing, funding, and supporting research in order to create a collection
of contemporary art.
5. Creating and supporting programmes that form conditions for the development
of the contemporary art and its presentation.
6. Gathering information through creating catalogues and databases that provide documentation for contemporary art.
7. Creating educational programmes, as well as promotional projects in order
to propagate knowledge and stimulate an interest in contemporary art including artists' involvement into educational activities in local community.
8. Popularization of positive pattern in the scope of active care over the development
of artistic work, its documentation and availability.